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Digital Technology Micro-program


  1. Cultivate interdisciplinary talents with digital and information technology skills.
  2. Foster foundational and core competencies in information and communication technology for non-IT-related students.
  3. Encourage interdisciplinary exchange among students, and enhance their abilities to integrate information technology with their own areas of expertise.

Eligibility for Application:

 ● Limited to students of the Daytime 4-year and 2-year college students of non-computer-related departments in our school.

 ● (Computer-related departments including the departments of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Department of Information Management, Department of Intelligent Commerce, Department of Business Computing, Department of Telecommunications Engineering, and Department of Maritime Information Technology.)

Credit requirements:

 ● 2 credits are required for Basic Required Courses, at least 2 credits for Core Elective Courses, and at least 4 credits for Advanced Integrated Application Elective Courses, totaling 8 credits.

 ● Upon completion of the required credits, students from non-computer science related majors can apply for a certificate in "Digital Technology Micro-program".


Matters Needing Attention

  1. Taking courses from the "Digital Technology Micro Program" can be counted towards the graduation requirements of the General Education, please according to the Course Schedule for each academic year.
  2. Micro-credit courses that are not specifically designed for the "Digital Technology Micro-program" cannot be recognized for "Digital Technology Micro-program" credits.
  3. Duplicate course titles are not allowed to be recognized.
  4. Students majoring in information-related fields can take courses, but are not eligible to apply for the "Digital Technology Micro-program" certificate.
  5. Core General Education and Advanced Integrated Application Elective Courses selection is based on the enrollment period announced by the Office of Academic Affairs. General Education Micro-Credits courses’ admission is based on registration, and the course are announced at the beginning of each semester on the website of the Center for the Liberal Arts and FB fan page.

Certificate Application:

Upon completing a total of 8 credits, non-computer science students can apply for the Digital Technology Micro-program Certificate at the end of each semester through the Center for the Liberal Arts.