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Autonomous Learning


To enhance a student-centered learning approach, create a diverse, flexible, and interdisciplinary learning environment, cultivate active learning, and promote independent learning courses in the liberal arts.

What is "Autonomous Learning "?

Learning - not just sitting in the classroom for 18 weeks.

I have something I want to learn: Based on my interests and courses not offered by the school, I plan my own learning content.

Set your own goals, plan independently, self-manage, and self-actualize.

Allow you to achieve your dreams and earn general education credits."


  1. Application: Students apply individually or in groups by filling out the "Autonomous Learning Plan" application form (an example can be requested by email).
  2. Teacher review: The Center for the Liberal Arts will match students with a teacher, and the assigned teacher will review the application form and sign off on it.
  3. Unit review: The application will be reviewed by the Center for the Liberal Arts in a meeting.
  4. Course selection: After the application is approved, students can select courses according to regulations.
  5. Course execution: Students execute the plan and discuss any difficulties with their assigned teacher.
  6. Final project: Students will present their learning outcomes in a final project exhibition.
  7. Credit recognition: After passing the review of the assigned teacher, credits will be recognized based on the course plan.

Target objects: 4-year and 2-year college students.

Submission of the project proposal: Designated windows in each campus.

Jiangong & Yanchao Campus

Email: xkoffice03@nkust.edu.tw

Extension: 13811/18915

Nanzih / First / Cijin  Campus

Email: xeoffice01@nkust.edu.tw

Extension: 22195

If there are any unaddressed issues, please refer to the announcements made by the Center for the Liberal Arts for further information.