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General Education Micro-credits


To encourage students to take initiative in their learning and develop their multiple competencies, we have opened the "General Education micro-credit" courses. This breaks away from the traditional requirement of attending a whole semester for a course and allows students to achieve results within a shorter period of time.

We are also offering "Modular" courses (limited to 5 students per module), where you can secure your spot by registering and complete the required hours directly. You can delve deeper into fascinating module areas, such as "Perceptual Aesthetics," "Cloud Cross-Border," "Life Perception," "Local Practice," and "Digital Technology Micro-Program." For students who prefer flexible learning options, you can sign up directly at the link below. Exciting courses are waiting for you, so hurry up and click on the link below to sign up!


Students who wish to register for the Modular courses must ensure that they are available for all class times before registering. If you are unable to attend all classes, please do not register. If you hold a seat but are absent, you will lose the right to attend any micro-credit courses for that semester.



Online Registration:

The list of Elective General Education Micro-credit course will be announced on the Center for the Liberal Arts website, the official email of NKUST, and Facebook fan page in the first week of each semester. Students can go to the registration link announced by the Center for the Liberal Arts or the NKUST’s Activity Information System to register.

Attend Course:

  1. Sign in and sign out the course.

  2. Complete the required hours of the course.

  3. Submission of work or worksheets.

Apply for Credit Certification:

  1. After completing a total of 18 or 36 hours of the Elective General Education Micro-credits course, please fill in all the courses you have taken in the "General Education Micro-credits Credit Certification Form".

  2. Submit to the office or mailbox of the Center for Liberal Arts Education.


  1. After the certification is approved, the General Education Micro-credits course will be imported into the next semester's schedule and credits will be obtained. (e.g., you submit your certification form at the 110-1, the General Education Micro-credits course will import into your 110-2 schedule.)

  2. Please confirm the course is show in your schedule within the course selection period.

  3. Only confirming that 2 credits of General Education Micro-credits course are on the schedule, you can apply for offset or as a general education course.

  4. If there are special circumstances that must import courses in the current semester, please contact the Center for the Liberal Arts.


  1. The information of the form is incomplete or have not completed the courses indeed will not be accepted.

  2. Take other Elective General Education Micro-credit courses to keep accumulating.


Matters Needing Attention

  1. The Elective General Education Micro-credits course is evaluated by the scoring method of "pass" and "fail".

  2. The hours of The Elective General Education Micro-credits course can be accumulated across semesters and must be completed within the period of study. The "General Education Micro-credits Course Credit Certification Form" must be submitted at the end of the previous semester. If there are situations that courses cannot be selected in this semester, such as off-campus internships or overseas exchange plans, please be sure to plan course selection in advance or consult before taking courses.

  3. After accumulated several Elective General Education Micro-credits courses for more than 18 hours and passed the review can obtain 1 credit of "General Education Micro-credits course (1)". Accumulated for more than 36 hours and passed the review can obtain 1 credit each of "General Education Micro-credits course (1)" and "General Education Micro-credits course (2)". The cumulative hours are unlimited, but the maximum valid counted hour is 36 hours. That is to say, a person can only get 2 credits from general education micro-credits course at most.

  4. Please follow the course regulations and schedules of each campus to take courses.

  5. Duplicate course titles are not allowed to be recognized.


Credit Exemption

  1. Students who have obtained 2 credits of General Education Micro-credits Course on their schedule may apply for offset or as a general education course.

  2. Up to 2 credits can be exemption from the five major categories of courses of General Education.

  3. Please download the "Credit Transfer Application Form" from the "Learning Counseling Section" on the website of the Office of Academic Affairs.

  4. Please fill out the "Credit Transfer Application Form" in hard copy and attach the Full Academic Transcript or Credit Certification Forms that have been reviewed. Submit them to the Center for the Liberal Arts.