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Social Responsibility Practice Credit Program


Purpose of Establishment:

In recent years, the United Nations has continued to promote sustainable development. To enhance the academic foundation of general education courses and connect with a global perspective, the Center for the Liberal Arts plans to offer a Social Responsibility Practice Credit Program, which serves as a bridge to various professional courses in different departments.

The credit program is divided into four categories: "Creative Empowerment," "Social Enterprise Value-Adding," "Environmental Sustainability," and "Audio-Visual Documentary," all of which require 20 credits and must be jointly offered by the Center and at least one department.

Target objects: 4-year and 2-year college students.

Course Regulations:

  1. The minimum credit requirement for this program is 20 credits. The courses taken should include at least 6 credits of core general education courses, at least 6 credits of elective general education courses, and at least 6 credits of courses offered by departments other than the Center for the Liberal Arts.
  2. The elective courses will be announced by the Center for the Liberal Arts.